Project Description

I love and enjoy this recepie especially in summer or hot days to relax and refresh my self in a healthy way.


Maria Martinez




February 22, 2021

What You Will Need

  • Green tea

  • Water

  • Ice

  • Lemon

  • Honey

  • Leafs of mint

The Brainfoods

  • Green tea

  • Lemon

How to Create

  • First you will have to heat a bit of water, enough for at least one cup of tea.

  • Secondly, after the water is heated you add into it a sac of green tea, and leave it like this for 3 minutes.

  • After this you add to your green tea ice, a squice of lemon, tablespoon of honey and the finishing touch of some leafs of mint.

The Image Gallery of this plate

This is a delicius way of drinking brain foods with out even knowing. Have you tried it? Did you enjoy and like it?